Wish Upon A Star- A look into breaking the meta with Jirachi Prism Star

Hey Everyone! Today I am going to be covering my thoughts on the meta going into week three of the Limitless Qualifiers. I will also be talking about decks that I think have the greatest potential to take the win. The second Limitless qualifier was won with FireBox which included Blacephalon GX and a second Heatran GX. However, the Rebel Clash release has drastically changed the meta. With new threats like Dragapult VMAX, Toxicity VMAX, Boltund V, and much more, it is important for some older decks to make the necessary changes to be successful in this new format. With all the hype around Dragapult VMAX, it will be incredibly important to play a deck that beats it. I think there are two older decks that with some new tricks can stand up to the meta fairly well. Those decks are Baby Blacephalon and Turbo Zacian both with a new inclusion: Jirachi Prism Star. Now let’s get into these revamped decks!

Table of Contents:

– Turbo Zacian
– Key card choices
– Match-ups
– Baby Blacephalon
– Key card choices
– Match-ups
– Conclusion

Here is my current Turbo Zacian list 

2x Raise Dead
2x Draconic Studies
2x Holy Smite
2x Renew
2x Condemn (Rank 1)
2x Insight
2x Sethekk Veilweaver
2x Shadow Word: Death
2x Apotheosis
2x Hysteria
1x Mindrender Illucia
2x Palm Reading
1x Xyrella
2x Wandmaker
2x Venomous Scorpid
1x Blademaster Samuro
1x Ysera the Dreamer
2x First Day of School
2x Conviction (Rank 1)
2x Knight of Anointment
2x Righteous Protector
2x Hand of A'dal
2x Goody Two-Shields
2x Underlight Angling Rod
2x Blessing of Kings
1x Cariel Roame
2x Blessing of Authority
2x Hammer of the Naaru
2x Crabrider
2x Cult Neophyte
1x Nerubian Egg
1x Blademaster Samuro
1x Moonfang
1x Ogremancer
1x Alexstrasza the Life-Binder
2x Brain Freeze
2x Devolving Missiles
2x Lab Partner
2x Primordial Studies
2x Shooting Star
2x Wand Thief
2x Cram Session
2x Imprisoned Phoenix
2x Incanter's Flow
2x Runed Orb
2x Arcane Intellect
2x Fireball
2x Refreshing Spring Water
1x Aegwynn, the Guardian
1x Ras Frostwhisper
2x Mask of C'Thun

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